January 3, 2018, 2:04 pm

So I have finally got around to creating my own Blog, it has always been something that has been consistently pushed down the priority list of things to do with my own free time. Having spent the last 20 years being busy working for companies and focused on meeting deadlines, free time has always been a scarce commodity!

Well here I am, my circumstances have changed and I am now working part time as a freelance software developer. I now have free time available to do and learn things that have always been pushed down the priority list. The decision to go freelance was a lifestyle choice after the collapse of the last company that I worked for due to the brexit decision in 2016 and the birth of our child. My wife works full time and one of us needed the flexibility to look after our young child.

On this blog my intention is to write mainly about tech related subjects, Electronics, Software Development and Automotive Technology.

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